January 31, 2011

Your First Haircut?

Everybody is probably afraid of getting a bad haircut. But when you are an @dult, you can talk to your hairdresser and discuss your future hair style. But if you are a child and if this is your first haircut ever, you react differently. How? More images after the break...

Baby Penguin Died due to Climate Change

Scores of birds bowed in mourning after the deaths of their chicks

Prostrate on the icy tundra of the Antarctic, they appear the picture of misery after the deaths of their chicks.

The extraordinary image capturing penguins in an act of mass mourning was taken on the Riiser Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica by photographer Daniel J. Cox.

He has spent 25 years travelling from pole to pole documenting everything from polar bears to penguins and getting up close and personal is all in a day's work.

Mass mourning: Scores of Emperor penguins in an act of communal grief after the deaths of their chicks in Antarctica

Maria Sharapova VS Photoshoot

Cha Sun Hwa In Your Bed

Anjing Pintar! - Genius Dog with Training

Sadie, a four-year-old Terrier-cross has learned to do pretty much everything her paralyzed owner cant do anymore, including shopping and washing laundry.
Sue Line was paralyzed from the waist down, 40 years ago, after she was thrown from a car during a New Year's Eve smash. Her family has always been very supportive, always helping her with daily chores, but four years ago she thought about getting a dog, for companionship. She brought Sadie home when she was just a few weeks old, and noticed her intelligence right from the start. But it wasnt until she received training at dog charity Dog AID (Assistance in Disability) that Sadie reached her full potential.
In just two years time, this amazing canine learned an almost endless list of ways to help her owner and improve her quality of life. When they go shopping together, Sadie always carries the bag, picks up groceries, and even reaches for the money in Sues purse, and hands it over to the store clerk. She also fills the washing machine, separating the loads into whites and darks, and locking the machine door before the washing cycle begins. She gets Sue her phone whenever it starts ringing, brings her the mail and even helps her undress.
Ms. Line says the hardest thing to teach Sadie was to ignore the smell of food when they go into restaurants. At first she was drooling all over the place, but after a few training sessions shes now in complete control. The 61-year-old retired health trust manager, from Coventry, Britain, says Sadie has helped her regain some of her independence and gave her loved ones some time to breath, knowing Sadies on the job.

Mr. Brainwash Artwork From antique Record Disk or Vinyls

French street-artist Thierry Guetta, also known as Mr. Brainwash, has created a series of portraits of international pop icons, out of broken vinyls and CDs.
Mr. Brainwash, rumored to be friends with legendary street artist Banksy, has probably smashed thousands of old vinyls into pieces, to create the artworks for his latest collection, entitled “Icons”. Though they all look like they’ve been drawn with a stencil, each of them is made exclusively out of broken pieces of vinyl and CDs. The intricate facial expressions were achieved by using quarter inch vinyl cuts, while chiseled CDs were used to reproduce the shine of sunglasses.
“I had to find something that nobody in the world of art had done. I wanted to take singers that spent their whole lives singing for us and make them live forever with what they sold.” Mr. Brainwash said about his incredible vinyl portraits.
His unique portrait of Jim Morrison reportedly sold for $100,000, and others had a price tag of three times that much.

Apabila Gunung Berapi Jepun Meletus - Kuar Resakse

Japan on alert after volcano's biggest eruption in 50 years

A one-mile cordon has been established around a volcano on Mount Kirishima after it erupted scattering rocks and ash across southern Japan and sending smoke billowing 5,000ft into the air.

The Meteorological Agency raised the volcanic alert to level 3 as ash today continued to spew from Shinmoedake on Japan's southernmost main island of Kyushu, and residents have been banned from going within a mile of the volcano following its worst eruption in 50 years.

Force of nature: Lightning strikes as Shinmoedake erupts, scattering ash and rocks across a wide swathe of southern Japan

Hot Model - Daneila Freitas (18SX)

First Name: Daniela
Last Name: Freitas
Nationality: Brazilian
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Green
Date of Birth: August 4, 1988
Place of Birth: Sao Paulo, Brasil
Height: 5′7″
Measurements: (US) 31-23-34

January 30, 2011

Animal in News II

A bird attacks a kite designed like it during the International Kite Festival in Ahmadabad, India
A falcon attacks a falcon-like kite during the International Kite Festival in Ahmadabad, India

January 26, 2011

10 reasons why Goats are the most awesome animals

10.  A goat can rock an emo haircut and be cool. So what, goats can listen to emo rock and have cool profile pictures on myspace, can’t they?

January 16, 2011

Letusan Berapi - Mount Etna

After reports of mysterious mass animal deaths around the planet, photos of a fierce volcanic eruption might confirm that the end of the world is nigh.

Thankfully, these magnificent pictures of Mount Etna's latest eruption are merely a chance to revel in the awesome power of nature rather than a reason to start stocking up on canned goods.

The 3,329-metre (10,922-feet) volcano erupted for around an hour yesterday evening, lighting up the Sicilian sky and providing amazing scenery for the village of Milo, just 12 kilometres away.

Fire in the hole: Mount Etna spews lava on the southern Italian island of Sicily yesterday evening


In Germany, the city of Kaiserslautern opened an unusual hotel called 'Alcatraz.'
Yes - the hotel is designed like a prison. In fact, this building was previously the city jail.
Guests live in cells with bars on the windows, food is served through a special window
And as an added convenience, the private toilet is located right in the room.

Rob Hefferan - Figurative Artist

Rob Hefferan is an exceptionally talented figurative artist. His work not only captures the unique character and warmth of each subject, but transcends form to suggest the living, breathing essence of the individual. Especially this we can recognize in his paintings ow woman figure. Here is collection of his best oil paintings of essence of women. Enjoy!

Colombia - City of Light

City of Lights - Medellin, Colombia

Christmas time in Medellin, Colombia is a time of celebration and holiday spirit as the city begins to light up with amazing decorations. Citizens decorate their yards, balconies and homes with festive decor as everybody prepares for the month of December and its various celebrations. Another big highlight every December is when the city turns on the Christmas lights that they have been busy preparing the entire month of November. This event traditionally begins on the night of December 7th of every year, but varies from time to time depending on the weather, etc. These Christmas lights adorn the entire city and are setup along major thoroughfares, roads, parks and especially along the Medellin River. The concentration of Christmas lights along the Medellin River is truly a sight to be seen as millions of dollars are spent every year creating unique themes that are different from the previous season’s theme. Families come out to visit the Medellin River area as it comes alive with thousands of people who revel in the fantastic array of colors and designs that make up the area. There are vendors selling everything from cotton candy, fast foods, beverages of every sort and flavor as well as street performers who come out to entertain the crowds that include tourists who flock to the city to see the sites and more than 500 different activities and 80 events that take place throughout the entire month.

Bayi Dua Gigi (Rare)

A baby boy surprised his first-time parents when he was born with two fully-formed FRONT TEETH.
Most babies six months to a year to grow their first teeth but Oliver James had two pearly whites from the start.
His parents Joanne Jones, 31, and Lee, 32, said they have already booked their son's first dentists appointment.
First time parents Joanne and Lee Jones had an extra surprise when
 their son Oliver was born - he had two front teeth

January 8, 2011

Magnificent Iran Photos

Region: Middle East - Eurasia
Area Total:1,648,195 km2 
Coast Line: Persian Gulf, Gulf of Uman, Caspian Sea
Capital: Tehran


January 5, 2011

Unique Human Eyes

These pictures are a sight for sore eyes.

For while they may resemble the dramatic surface of the Red Planet they are actually the eye-catching images of the human iris in all its glorious detail - each one as unique as a fingerprint.

Each as unique as a fingerprint, the human eye is captured in glorious detail by Suren Manvelyan

Aurora Borealis

The amazing Northern Lights show that never ceases to amaze

Dancing across the clear skies, the amazing Auroa Borealis are truly a sight to behold.  
Icelandic photographer Kristjan Unnar Kristjansson - also known as 'Kiddi' - has spent the last nine years capturing the kaleidoscopic light show in his native homeland.  
'These are some of my very favourite Aurora Borealis photos that I have taken in recent years,' said the 31-year-old from Reykjavik in Iceland.
Northern lights
Lighting up the stars tonight: The Northern lights at Hvalfjorour fjord in Akranes near Reykjavik change the look of the landscape completely

West Papua Indonesia (18SX)


Funny Animal II

A baby long-eared bat is hand-reared at Secret Animal Rescue in Somerset. Its ears - not fully formed yet - will eventually sit on the top of its head, not the sides
A baby long-eared bat is hand-reared at Secret Animal Rescue in Somerset. Its ears - not fully formed yet - will eventually sit on the top of its head, not the sides

Jalan-Jalan Sulawesi


Waterfall Kayak Hunter

The moment a kayaker plunged down a 128-foot waterfall and emerged with just a scratch

This is the jaw-dropping moment a lone kayaker decided to really take the plunge plummeting down a 128-foot waterfall.
Kayak legend Rafa Ortiz was caught on camera tackling the enormous Big Banana Falls, in Mexico, by extreme sports photographer Lucas Gilman.
Lucas and Rafa trekked through five miles of steaming jungle and dangerous drug growing cartels to reach the breath-taking falls with Rafa's only intention being to jump off them.
Rafa Ortiz is the first known kayaker to drop the 128.6-foot tall Big Banana Waterfall on the Rio Alseseca in Veracruz, Mexico
Rafa Ortiz is the first known kayaker to drop the 128.6-foot tall Big Banana Waterfall on the Rio Alseseca in Veracruz, Mexico

Siberia Life

A bucket of fish collected by a member of the Khanty tribe


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