November 15, 2008

The Gamba2

this the first post i ever made to this blog.
and right now i would like to make it simple and short..
hmm... why am i create this i already had a blog before..
so this is a new start for my hobby.. i like to take a picture.
the picture can translate 1000 meaning for me. from sad, happiness, cool, calm or whtever..
plss sit back n relax.. hahaha...

Spongebob yang dijumpai di jalan masjid india...

Kalau Nak Race... mai ler... moto track nie yg dah xberapa nk track sgt..

Ni la kete kesayangan aku... Opel Caddet Berlina tahun 1979
made in german.. dgn nombor pendaftaran 6D 7178 Q


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