July 6, 2011

Pelangi Terbalik!

Seen just a handful of times this stunning phenomena is known as the 'smile in the sky.'
Freak weather conditions created this reverse rainbow in Leicestershire where it was pictured by antique dealer William Freeman.
But while the sight looks like an upside-down rainbow, it is actually caused by light shining through tiny ice crystals in the clouds.

Shimmering: The reverse rainbow is caused by tiny ice crystals in the clouds

June 30, 2011

Office Pranks

Here are some awesome and ingenuous Office Pranks. Enjoy! 

 Wrap the office in aluminum foil
Wrap the office in tin foil 

Strong Man World Cup

The most powerful people in the planet Photos annual competition for the title of the strongest human planet Strong Man World Cup.
Strongest Man Bodybuilder

June 23, 2011

Terjatuh Tingkat 8 (18SG)

Miracle escape of boy, 3, who became wedged behind air-conditioning unit on 8th floor of Beijing 

A lucky three-year-old boy had a miraculous escape after he fell from a eighth floor balcony and became trapped in the building's air-conditioning unit.
The toddler, who has not been named, had been left home alone in the apartment in Beijing, China, before he fell.
Neighbours, who heard him screaming in terror, called the police for help.  But when they noticed he was starting to slip they decided to take the matter into their own hands.
Terror on the eighth floor: Rescuers prepare to grab the three-year-old boy as he begins to slip after becoming wedged in an air conditioner

Nuclear Reactor Amusement Park

Wunderland Kalkar is a unique amusement park built on the site of a never-used power plant, complete with a fast breeder reactor, in Kalkar, Germany.

Construction of the Kalkar nuclear plant began in 1972, but was constantly delayed due to technical difficulties and protests from those concerned about the safety of nuclear power. When it was completed, over 10 year later, authorities decided to pull the plug on the project, and the $4 billion complex was dismantled in less than a decade. The fast breeder reactor remained in place, and in 1995 Dutch entrepreneur Hennie van der Most bought what was left of the Kalkar plant for a mere €2.5 million and managed to turn it into a profitable amusement park visited by over 600,000 people, every year.

Wunderland Kalkar has around 40 rides, for children and adults alike, and a 400-bed hotel. Among the most interesting features of the park are the swing ride set up inside the cooling facility, and the climbing wall on its outer walls. Also, chairoplanes, quad bikes, go-karts and a whole bunch of other fun gadgets make trips to Wunderland Kalkar a blast for the whole family.


Miss Arab World

miss Arab world

PAINTfull Accident (18PL)

The people in the blue car had a 25-litre (5 gallon) bucket of paint
on the back seat when they had the accident. 

Extreme Female Bodybuilders

Worlds Ten Extreme Female Bodybuilders

 Here are pictures of the most extreme female bodybuilders. Some people feel that this sort of bodybuilding is better left to men !
Extreme Female Bodybuilders

June 22, 2011

Extinct Baby Gibbon Born

A rare baby Gibbon born at Perth Zoo eight weeks ago is thriving thanks to around the clock care by Perth Zoo staff. Weighing just 610 grams (21 oz.) at birth, White-cheeked Gibbon Nakai is being bottle fed and cared for by Zoo staff until he can be reunited with his mother who had difficulties caring for him shortly after the birth. Nakai is being bottle fed baby milk formula nine times a day including night feeds and has almost doubled his birth weight. He now weighs 1050 grams – just over 37 oz.
“The White-cheeked Gibbon is a critically endangered species quite literally on the brink of extinction so Nakai and every single gibbon is precious,” says Holly Thompson, Perth Zoo keeper and one of Nakai’s primary carers.
“Nakai spent the first few weeks of his life in a humidicrib to maintain his body temperature but now sleeps in a warm room with his teddy bear which is his surrogate mother for now.”
“We exercise him daily, stretching his arms and swinging him while he hangs on to help strengthen his arms and encourage natural gibbon behaviour. His upper body strength is really developing now and his overall progress has been amazing.
“Maintaining contact with his family is extremely important so we take him down to visit his mum Viann, father Phillip and six-year-old sister Kit several times a day. Our aim is to get him back with his family in the next few weeks once he has been weaned off his night feeds.”
Perth Zoo is part of a regional breeding program for the critically endangered White-cheeked Gibbon. Nakai is the 8th White-cheeked Gibbon born at Perth Zoo.
In the wild, habitat destruction and poaching, particularly for the illegal pet trade, has had a devastating impact, with White-cheeked Gibbons now facing a very high probability of extinction in the near future. Formerly distributed throughout China, Vietnam and Laos they are now completely extinct in China and virtually extinct in Vietnam with just a few small populations remaining in Laos.
People can help gibbons and other animals by choosing sustainable products particularly sustainably-sourced timber and not encouraging the exploitation of wildlife by paying to have their picture taken with endangered species when holidaying in these regions.

Perth Zoo’s two White-cheeked Gibbon groups can be seen in the Asian Rainforest zone.

Saintis Bogel (18SX)

How a naked female scientist tries to tame belugas in the freezing Arctic

Braving sub-zero temperatures, she has thrown caution — and her clothes — to the wind to tame two beluga whales in a unique and controversial experiment.
Natalia Avseenko, 36, was persuaded to strip naked as marine experts believe belugas do not like to be touched by artificial materials such as diving suits.
The skilled Russian diver took the plunge as the water temperature hit minus 1.5 degrees Centigrade.

The beauty of nature: Like a scene from a classic pre-Raphaelite painting, naked Natalia Avseenko swims with beluga whales in the Arctic
The beauty of nature: Like a scene from a classic pre-Raphaelite painting, naked Natalia Avseenko swims with beluga whales in the Arctic

June 21, 2011

Paus Sperma Lupa Lautan

In England, the bank threw a huge sperm whale. Rescuers scrambled to help him, but could not save. 

Kisah Percintaan Cicak (18SG)

These amazing pictures prove that a bunch of flowers can go a long way - even in the animal kingdom.
A male sand lizard, perched on top of a plant, catches the eye of a female with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
After she carefully climbs up the plant to reach him, she accepts his gift and the pair form an almost perfect heart shape.

Say it with flowers: The male lizard appears to be wooing his potential mate with a bunch of flowers

June 15, 2011

Letusan Gunung di Chili 2

This towering plume of brown ash is clearly visible from space as a Chilean volcano continues to violently erupt.
Captured by specialist equipment on the Aqua satellite, the image was taken shortly after the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle exploded into life after decades of lying dormant in south-central Chile.
A three-mile long fissure has opened up in the Andes as toxic gases and ash belched a cloud more than six miles high across Chile and Argentina.
Powerful: A vast plume of ash is clearly visible from space after the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano in Chile erupted on Saturday
Powerful: A vast plume of ash is clearly visible from space after the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano in Chile erupted on Saturday

Dream Home Decoration

Skull Tatoo on Man Face (18SG)

June 14, 2011

Miniature Gun

Replicating all manner of weapons, including muskets, revolvers and machine guns Russian builder Alexander Perfiliev has built the only collection of its kind. For the past 30 years he has been drilling, carving and molding these miniature steel weapons and taking as much as a year to create one.

Midget Matador (Funny)

It's one of the most controversial sports on the globe and, to many animal lovers, one of the cruellest.

However, a troupe of matadors in Mexico are making people look at bullfighting in a very different way.

This group of dwarf bullfighters is delivering its own version of the Spanish tradition - and it's no small feat.

Small and mighty: Dwarf bull fighters Osvaldo Hernandez and Jorge Vega (right) thank the audience

June 10, 2011

Letusan Gunung di Chili

AFP PHOTO / Chilean Air Force

This handout picture released by the Chilean Air Force shows the cloud of ash billowing from Puyehue volcano near Osorno in southern Chile, 870 km south of Santiago, taken on June 5, 2011. Puyehue volcano erupted for the first time in half a century on June 4, 2011, prompting evacuations for 3,500 people as it sent a cloud of ash that reached Argentina. The National Service of Geology and Mining said the explosion that sparked the eruption also produced a column of gas 10 kilometers (six miles) high, hours after warning of strong seismic activity in the area.

Coal Mining in India

I traveled to India’s far northeast last month, before the monsoon rains set in and rendered the mines unworkable for the summer. In the Jaintia Hills, in the remote state of Meghalaya, miners descend to great depths on slippery, rickety wooden ladders. Men, women, even children squeeze into ‘rat hole’ tunnels lacing thousands of privately-owned and unregulated mines. There, they toil to extract coal by hand with primitive tools and no safety equipment.

I was unsure of what the story would hold or the conditions I would face. I spent a week there, though two days were lost to arguing with ‘guides’ who, we believe, were hired by the mine owners to keep us from reporting. We eventually got underground to witness what miners were enduring to scratch out such a sad and meager existence.

As I was shooting an image of miners being lifted out from a shaft, about 300-feet deep, I wondered what I would do if the cable were to break and come crashing down. That is how four miners had died only weeks earlier. Where could I hide? Narrow shafts do not offer many escape routes beyond a few ‘rat hole tunnels’ that are two or three feet high.

Prabhat Sinha, from Assam, carries a load of coal weighing 60kg's, supported by a head-strap, as he ascends the staircase of a coal mine near the village of Khliehriat, in the district of Jaintia Hills, India. miners descend to great depths on slippery, rickety wooden ladders. Children and adults squeeze into rat hole like tunnels in thousands of privately owned and unregulated mines, extracting coal with their hands or primitive tools and no safety equipment.

Gambar Kembar 6 setelah 27 tahun

Haven't they grown up? Family photos show Walton sextuplets 27 years on

As the world’s only all-female sextuplets, they share the closest possible bond and have faced all of life’s little hurdles together.

For many years the Walton sisters – first-born Hannah, who was followed by Luci, Ruth, Sarah, Kate and Jennie – celebrated their similarities and would pose together for photos in the same school uniforms.

But now, after spending much of the past decade out of the limelight to live more privately, the 27-year-olds are all keen to stress their individuality.

Happy family: Janet and Graham Walton's daughters (from left) Hannah, Ruth, Luci, Kate, Jennie and Sarah

Penyakit Pelik Didunia Ini

1. Elephantiasis

Lymphatic filiriasis, best known as Elephantiasis is characterized by an awful picture of swollen arms and legs. Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading this disease on over 120 million people currently. With their bite they inject warm larvae, such as Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, and B. timori, which actually cause the illness. Unfortunately, the “guests” in the blood can survive there for years. Despite the arms and legs, breasts and genitalia are also enlarged. There are still experiments for finding the cure but it’s not found yet.

June 3, 2011

Wildlife photographer - Richard Austin

From a wise old owl on the prowl in a field of beautiful buttercups to an intrepid harvest mouse climbing up a spring flower.
Wildlife photographer Richard Austin, the author of two books on his encounters while working with all creatures great and small, has captured nature in all its glory with these snaps of animals enjoying British blooms.
Who are you calling an ugly duckling? These feathery friends find a hiding place among the buttercups

Animal In News 4

A ring-tailed lemur reacts as a keeper walks through his new enclosure at Taronga Zoo in Sydney
A ring-tailed lemur reacts as a keeper walks through his new enclosure at Taronga Zoo in Sydney

News in Pictures 1

The blue Crystal Cave ice cave is illuminated by the evening sun in Svinafellsjokull in Skaftafell, Iceland. Created by the forces of the Vatnajokull ice cap in the south of the volcanic island, the deep blue cave was formed by the glacier meeting the coastline. The centuries-old ice that has come from the slopes of 6,921 feet tall Oaefajokull, Iceland's tallest active volcano, has compressed all air out of the ice adding to the texture and colour of the cave.
The blue Crystal Cave ice cave is illuminated by the evening sun in Svinafellsjokull in Skaftafell, Iceland. Created by the forces of the Vatnajokull ice cap in the south of the volcanic island, the deep blue cave was formed by the glacier meeting the coastline. The centuries-old ice that has come from the slopes of 6,921 feet tall Oaefajokull, Iceland's tallest active volcano, has compressed all air out of the ice adding to the texture and colour of the cave....

If She were My Maid (Sweet Vietnamese)


May 31, 2011

NatGeo Underwater Photo


Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa - Morning Glory Spillway

Located in northern California, the Monticello Dam's is the largest morning glory spillway all over the world. This funnel-shaped outlet, allows water to bypass the dam when it reaches capacity, as it swallows a rate of 48,400 cubic feet per second (1370 m³/s).

Lake Berryessa

Ombak Mantap!! (18SG)

Trash Living

Burung Raja Udang yg Hensem

Dumb Inventions

Curved Barrel Machine Gun, 1953
Curved Barrel Machine Gun, 1953
The 20th century saw many astounding technological innovations. The automobile revolutionized the way people live and work, the internet changed the way people think about information, and the U.S. of A put a man on the moon. But some technological advances that came in the earlier part of the 20th centry weren't exactly meant for the history books. Because they were stupid. Take, for example, this M3 sub-machine gun with a curved barrel for shooting around corners. It's the perfect gun for the "shoot first, look where you're shooting later" kind of guy.
Photo: Keystone/Getty Images
 Jan 12, 1952

World's Ugliest Dogs Contest

Are These the World's Ugliest Dogs?
Here's Looking at You, Elwood
Here's Looking at You, Elwood
Elwood the dog, sporting a Mohawk and a totally freaky tongue, is probably used to attracting attention. He's a hairless Chinese Crested, a breed of dog well known for its "so-ugly-it' s-cute" attributes. Pictured here in 2006, Elwood competed against several other dogs of the breed in the "World's Ugliest Dog" competition in Petaluma, Calf. Click through the gallery to see other contenders for the, um, "honor." (Little Elwood took the title in 2007.)
Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

My Ex Girlfriend

Megan Fox - Spicy in Town


Beauty of A Flower

Seni Sabun

Seni Sabun 
Dulu kt skola pon kite penah buat ukiran kan, so ni antara ukiran terbaik aku dulu.. wakakaka.. joking..

May 27, 2011

Kapal Kargo Terbesar Dunia

World's Largest Cargo Ship Get a load of this ship! 15,000 containers and a 207' beam! And look at the crew size (13) for a ship longer than US aircraft carriers, which have complements of 5,000 men and officers. Think it's big enough? Notice that 207' beam means it was NOT designed for the Panama or Suez canal . It is strictly transpacific. Check out the "cruise speed". 31 mph means the goods arrive four days before the typical container ship traveling at 18 to 20 mph on a China-to-California run. So this behemoth is hugely competitive when carrying perishable goods.This ship was built in three, perhaps as many as five sections. The sections floated together and then welded. It is named Emma Maersk. The command bridge is higher than a ten story building and has eleven rigs that can operate simultaneously.
Additional info:
Country of origin - Denmark
Length - 1,302 ft
Width - 207 ft
Net cargo - 123,200 tons
Engine - 14 in-line cylinders diesel engine (110,000 BHP)
Cruise Speed - 31 mi/h
Cargo capacity - 15,000 TEU (1 TEU = 20 ft3 container)
Crew - 13 people
First Trip - Sept. 08, 2006
Construction cost - US $145,000,000+

The silicone paint applied to the ship's bottom reduces water resistance and saves 317,000 gallons of diesel per year

May 26, 2011

Pc Setup Fashion

Whether you are working on a Mac, a PC, or even both, the way your workstation is setup tells more or less about your attitude and style of working. The workstation could also be your source of inspiration, therefore you might want to put in more thoughts on the place that you’ll spend most of your time at.

May 24, 2011

Ikan Pelik Laut Dalam
February 23, 2009--With a head like a fighter-plane cockpit, a Pacific barreleye fish shows off its highly sensitive, barrel-like eyes--topped by green, orblike lenses--in a picture released today but taken in 2004.

Nature at Its Best

Alam sekitar merupakan anugerah ciptaan tuhan yang amat bernilai, ia tidak boleh disamakan dengan ciptaan manusia, alam semulajadi hendaklah kita jaga bersama-sama supaya ia dapat dinikmati oleh generasi akan datang. Jika tiada langkah-langkah pemeliharaan dan pemuliharaan yang berpanjangan tidak mustahil gambar-gambar yang ada dibawah ini hanya boleh dipandang sahaja dan tidak dapat dinikmati oleh kita dimasa hadapan. kurangkan pencemaran, tingkatkan usaha untuk membela nasib bumi. jika ianya bukan tanggungjawab semua jadikan ia tanggungjawab anda. bersama-samalah kita memberi peluang untuk alam sekitar berkekalan sehingga ianya dapat disampaikan hingga ke anak cucu :- Admin

Sweet Face

May 23, 2011

Fascinating Antarctica

Down in Antarctica, November marks the end of spring, the beginning of austral summer, and the beginning of Antarctica's cruise season. The Sun just rose for the first time in 6 months on September 22nd, and is now visible in the sky all the time. Recent studies in Antarctica have brought new insights into the origins of deep sea octopus species (a 30 million-year- old ancestor from Antarctic waters), volcanic contributions to disappearing antarctic ice, and the effects of increasing numbers of icebergs scouring the seafloor. Collected here are photographs of Antarctica from the past several years.

1After waiting for over two weeks for his mate to return from the sea and relieve him of nest duty, this Adelie penguin's hunger helps him make the decision to abandon his egg in search of fish and krill in the sea. Photo taken December 12, 2002. Known populations of the Adelie penguin have dropped by 65% over the past 25 years. (Melanie Conner/National Science Foundation)

When Angle Isn’t Exactly Right


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