December 28, 2010

Keindahan Kepulauan Sunda Indonesia
Region: Southeast Asia and Oceania.
Island nation and comprises 17,508 islands
Area Total:1,919,440 km2
Coast Line: Indian ocean, South China sea, Pacific ocean
Capital: Jakarta
Banda-Udara Komodo
Bena Village
Bena traditional village with megalith stones in mid yards of village symbolize grand and spirit to their creator pass their ancestor.

Kelimutu is a volcano, close to the town of Moni in central Flores Island of Indonesia containing three summit crater lakes of varying colors
Labuan Bajo
Labuan Bajo
Sunset-Satonda is a fascinating uninhabited volcanic island in Indonesia, home to a large colony of fruit bats.
Sunset in the Lesser Sunda Islands near Rinca
A stratovolcano located in the south-central part of the island of Flores, Indonesia.

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