November 14, 2013

Beautiful Abandoned Places Around The World.

Beautiful abandoned and long forgotten places.

Gymnasium in Cleveland, Ohio

Abandoned Power Plant

Bowling alley in abandoned Jewish holiday resort NY

In a ghost town devoured by the Namibian Desert

Wreck of the SS America on the coast of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Abandoned European Mansion

Abandoned European Mansion

Abandoned European Mansion

School Gymnasium in Detroit

New York City’s Hidden Subway Station

Abandoned illegal strip club in a resort town somewhere in the mountains of Japan

A long-forgotten motel on the plains of Texas

European Castle

Abandoned Communist Party Headquarters (somewhere in Europe)

Massive door in an abandoned mine

Stair well of abandoned asylum NY complete with suicide cages

Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House

Morning sunlight in abandoned factory

Burned down nightclub in Germany

2008 Olympics Beach Volleyball Stadium Beijing, China

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