October 14, 2010

I'm a rock'n'roll star! Baby gorilla with the attitude

I'm a rock'n'roll star! Baby gorilla with the attitude (and quiff) of an A-lister

Last updated at 3:01 AM on 11th October 2010

He's got the attitude, the charisma and the bequiffed look of a rock'n'roll star.

The world's last remaining mountain gorillas are known to share 97 per cent of DNA with humans.

And as this cheeky youngster romped in Rwanda with his devoted mother, he gave further proof of the striking similarities between the two species.

Whether he spent hours backcombing his hair that morning and screaming out 'Brown Sugar' is anybody's guess.


A gorilla with attitude: A youngster screams with delight as he is tickled by his devoted mother

And while he seemed pretty happy to swagger for the cameras, the super cute youngster was savvy enough to deal with the press attention, gesturing when he thought they should leave him alone.


The media-savvy youngster shows he knows how to deal with the press

And after his showstopping performance, he indulged in a game of tickle with his affectionate mother, who doted on his every scream.

Then exhausted from all his exertions, he relaxed by curling up in his mother's arms and resting.

baby gorilla

Love me tender: The baby gorilla is tickled by his adoring mother

baby gorilla

After his showstopping performance, the gorilla relaxes in his mother's arms

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