November 27, 2010

Funny Animals

Sometimes you just have to see the funny side of life - and these animals certainly do.
Following the example of the ‘happypotamus’ featured in the Mail recently, there are lots of other creatures which also boast a funny bone.
Amazingly, scientists believe chimps, dogs and even rats are capable of laughter - and that the ability to laugh came before speech in humans.
From delighted dolphins to amused apes, something’s certainly put a smile on these animals’ faces...

The 'happypotamus' as featured in the Mail recently: The smiling hippo has become an internet sensation

Hamming it up: A Vietnamese pot-bellied pig goes for the belly laugh

Pullover the other one: This sheep looks decidedly happy, and check out those teeth

Ribbit-ticklingly good: Why is tree frog looking so smug? And could I have one of these for my garden please?

Whee, this is fun! The brown bear can certainly see the funny side of taking a tumble

Lazy grin: A sloth smiles at a private joke between naps

What a hoot! This snowy owl is positively 'owlin with laughter

Awww: Two polar bears grin and bear it as true happiness is a cuddle between mother and cub

Never smile at a crocodile: Perhapos this snap happy croc is thinking about his next snack

Trunk in charge of a joke: A giggling elephant seal looks momentarily lost for words

What a toothy grin: The mirthful marmot shows his true feelings

Did you do that on porpoise? Like any flippant flipper this bottle nose dolphin likes telling jokes

I like monkeying around: Jungle fever has got this chimp chortling

Life's a beach: A pair of contented sea lions nestle together in the Galapagos Islands

Who's a funny boy then? This parrot fish grins from, erm, gill to gill

Haw haw haw: Bray that again Mr donkey

Kings of the swingers: This orangutan mother and baby are

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