November 22, 2010

Sekitar Majlis Pembukaan Sukan Asia (Asian Games) ke16

Fireworks, dancing and pageantry were all in evidence tonight as Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao officially opened the Asian Games in Guangzhou.

The colourful celebrations are taking place along the Pearl River in tribute to the southern Chinese region's seafaring heritage.

The event featured more than 6,000 performers in a ship-like stadium with a stage covered in water, that was specially built for the opening night on the tiny Haixinsha island, just off the mainland.

In keeping with the nautical theme, athletes arrived at the venue after a cruise down the river in 45 boats decorated with LED lights.

Performers set sail during the opening ceremony of the 16th Asian Games on Haixinsha Island along the Pearl River in Guangzhou city

Entertainers dressed in red and carrying drums circle a gold structure

Japanese athletes stand on a boat floating down the Pearl River

Women in wide hats carry red lanterns during the opening celebrations

The scale of the celebrations is clear to see here with performers waiting to greet the 'ship'

Dancers draped in green lights create a spooky, underwater feel

A firework display lights up the sky above the Pearl River
Be-frocked dancers surround a maypole structure during the extravaganza

Jet ski riders zip through the surf, caught in an other-worldly pink glow

Athletes from North Korea cheer on as the celebrations unfold

The Iranian team march as cheerleaders rattle tambourines

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